About us:

Since more than 20 years we are in charge of the business development of European defence companies with specific customers in France, Baltic, Eurasia and Emirates.

LANDSMARINE SYSTEMS is a brand owned by our family company KOLEN & KOLEN Hong-Kong (kolen.hk). (See also folder "Legal Mentions")
Our industrial partners are RUNFLAT INTERNATIONAL U.K. for military and mass transport wheels, TYRO and AFU France for special machine tools for defence industry.

A global concrete know-how

One of our assets is the experience of concrete operations and of using.
We know the goals of our customers and of the final user.
We know the technical, operational or financial constraints and difficulties .
Thanks to our way of working, we offer our customers a large range of specialist and experts in order to optimize the final result.

A worldwide experience & references

Working on a new program, we can take in charge industrial design, manufacturing of prototypes, tests, pre-series and series.

We also propose special wheels and parts for modernization of all existing vehicles as well.
Our selected technologies fit more than 40 armies in the world, and is in constant progression. Mass Transport activity is growing fast, too.

About special machine tools for defence industry, we offer all solutions for manufacturing, co-manufacturing and embedded maintenance units.

Thanks to our headquarters in Hong-Kong, we offer solutions for technical audits of the plants and end-of-line batches controls.

From the concept to the delivery and the maintenance

Our organization is specific thanks to five main points :

-Teams working in your project are ours: In case of external sub-contractor for heavy parts (for example aluminium hot forged parts), one of our offices is not far in order to check and to control.

- Exclusive patented material : The material constituting the core of our systems, the insert for runflating, is an exclusive licence and process of Westley Group. Westley is the sharer of Runflat International.

- Clear supplying chain: You can organize an audit with each member of the chain.

-Expertise in using : We know the difficulties and the problems not only you have to solve, but also the problems and the difficulties your customers has to solve far from the bases…

-Co-Manufacturing: We know the new evolutions about international ways of working in any countries. For this reason, we adapt process and supplying chain in order to create local added value, when necessary.