(Optimize Your Supplier)

The O.Y.S Program was created in Hong-Kong by our family company KOLEN & KOLEN in order to develop qualitatively the business relationships between European/Eurasian customers and suppliers producing in Hong-Kong and South East China.

Today we have extended the O.Y.S. concept to other countries where our customers have preferential suppliers: Türkiye, Emirates, Sweden, France, Switzerland, for example.
We offer a wide range of audits, carried out by teams that are not only "measurers" but real industrial experts who know how to refocus audits on the final customer:
- Manufacturing Audits
- Technical Audits
- End-of-Line Controls
- Financial Audits
- Shipments, mode of transportation, itineraries and risks audits.
These audits are very useful in the frame of long term contractualizations.

Manufacturing Audits

Your supply chain is only as good as its weakest link. The only way to ensure smooth running of your business and uninterrupted supply of goods is to thoroughly vet potential suppliers before integrating them into your supply chain.

Manufacturing Audits are a cost- and time-effective way to prepare a complete profile of your potential supplier, ensuring they will become a reliable part of your global supply chain. With a QIMA Audit Report in hand you will be able to confirm that the audited site is capable of delivering to your production specifications, address and prevent potential further costly disruptions once production is launched.

Customizable Audit Programs: The Manufacturing Audits offers a great degree of flexibility and can be customized to fit your specific requirements

The following additional modules can be included in a QIMA supplier evaluation:

  • Social responsibility and compliance
  • Procurement conditions
  • R&D – sampling capacity
  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Environmental impact
  • RoHS standards
  • Other modules as required

Technical Audits

A QIMA Technical Audit is an independent and robust assessment to verify your supplier’s (or potential supplier’s) capabilities. The checklist can be tailored to your particular industry or product, with our specialist auditors providing an overall score to represent the real level of risk in your supplier.

The scope of a Technical Audit covers:

  • Basic factory profile
  • Quality management system – factory’s quality manual, planning and management review
  • Resources management – human resources, purchasing and control of measurement devices
  • Stock management – storage of incoming materials, in-process and finished products
  • Incoming material inspection
  • Production processes – workshop organization, quality control during products
  • Packing and quality control processes before shipment – packing line organization, quality control before shipment
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement – factory internal audits, data management
  • Any other specific instructions from the client

Progress on corrective actions can be measured through a follow-up audit, desktop review and/or phone calls.

End-of-Line Control, and more...

Being a key element of quality control, Product Inspections allow you to verify product quality on site at different stages of the production process and prior to its dispatch. Inspecting your product before it leaves the manufacturer’s premises is an effective way of preventing quality problems and supply chain disruptions further down the line.

Inspectors check your product against your chosen specifications to meet a range of requirements including passing international standards of your destination market. With the use of inspection checklists that you can select online and tailor to your needs, your quality control process can be standardized, and key quality concerns communicated to all parties involved in the inspection.

QIMA product inspections can be conducted at all stages of the manufacturing process:

Using the new SilkBelt
Railways connection

Shanghai to Europe in under 17 days.

Nowadays, the New Silk Road freight service covers more than
13,000km of land and has expanded its range of destinations over the years. A prime example is Germany where DHL recently launched a new cargo service that slashes transportation time between the two countries from 17 to 12 days
Railway transportation is between air transportation and ship transportation in terms of price and efficiency, and is a highly environment-friendly transportation mode.

For the past seven years, the success of the initiative has called for upgrades and expansions throughout the line. From point-to-point, the evolution of the route became an ‘ocean-rail through service’ train via Kaliningrad, adding the Xi’an-Rostock train service that divides northern and southern Europe.
2022 will be the real starting of the "Easy Belt"...

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Business partnerships Creation & Management

We are proud to have made successfully several partnerships between companies working in Europe, Eurasia, Emirates and India, despite the differences. Or thanks to the differences...

One of our strengths, like Qima, is how to teach our customers to decode each other’s messages and attitudes.
In many countries that are little known or too stereotyped, there are resources, skills, open and available means.

On behalf of Kolen & Kolen, we are specialized in technical partnerships related to the heavy and mechanical industry and to the large business networks.