Runflating insert is the core of the Tactical Wheel.
Our RFI Runflating inserts are made in special processed composite created and manufactured by Westley UK.
This process works like a hot forging process. It is a guarantee of solidity, lack of gap, frictional resistance
Our RFI Beadlock is designed and manufactured in accordance with the same concept.

Our exclusive technology,
in Partnership with RUNFLAT INTERNATIONAL:

In add to its main qualities, material is "intelligent": in case of extreme conditions (for example fast running on bitume in runflating mode) composite changes and creates an "autowelding effect". The three parts are welded together in order to create a monolithic structure, insensitive or less sensitive to heat, shock, impact, percussion, bullet or friction. Shooting connectors is possible without damages.
RFI runflating inserts are the only systems offering possibility to drive without tires, or when tires are full damaged..

Beadlock function is full integrated, and is efficient thanks to the rigidity of the insert. This can compensate a little for the lack of rigidity of a steel rim, for example.

Assembling and maintenance are easy and full secure, with special non expansive tool or manually.

of our RFI inserts range:

Comparing with rubber inserts, main assets are reduction of heat when runflating (no friction rubber/rubber), easy to mount, economy changing by only one segment if needed, no natural aging.

Comparing with plastic inserts, main assets are cold resistance, no tire shearing when runflating, best ballistic and shrapnel resistance, shocks resistance

We offer two ranges of inserts: “Security” for stock vehicles and light runflating preferentially on road, and  “Military” for armies and special forces, using in the worse off-road conditions. “Security” systems (see also the RFI Dynamic range) can be fitted on to any single piece wheel and can be supplied separately or fitted onto wheels and tyres. “Military” inserts (see also the RFI Static range) needs a two parts steel or aluminium rim.


In some defined cases, hard runflating at zero pressure is not useful. People is just looking for possibility to drive slowly on a short distance with a minimum of pressure (for example 500g), but maintaining perfectly the tire bead in the rim.
In other cases, using runflating inserts is impossible because of a large size of the rim (25” and more), lack of systems, high cost of special development, weight…) and vehicles will be used only on road:  For example missile carriers or tanks carrier trucks.
RFI beadlocks are manufactured in the same process than RFI Inserts (a sort of composite hot forging) but the formulation is different to ensure a sole role: maintaining the tire bead whatever on road conditions and load.
Our Beadlock system does not degrade over time (unlike rubber alternatives), which means it can be expected to last for a large number of years. It is also lightweight and easy to fit requiring no specialist tools or equipment
Not a lot of tires can be used: because of the lack of insert, side wall and body are “folded” at low pressure and can be broken .