Analyzing that no one in our trade met really ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards when assembling tactical wheels with runflating inserts, we decided to define the right system thanks to the know-how and the dynamic of French companies ROTY and AFU.

The second step was to optimize productivity, versatility and capacity to work in plants, mobile workshops or containers for external operations.

So we created MILIWAM, as example of our know-how in special machine tools...

The origin of MILIWAM

Despite high technology of rims and inserts, military wheels assembling seemed a craft work, sometimes archaic…

 We analysed four main problems:
- Violation of ISO 14001 standard (application of grease of grease bags to avoid unbalance).
-Violation of ISO 45001 standards about health and safety , especially about musculoskeletal disorders.
-Lack of productivity or no fast maintenance
-Lack of versatility, especially in external operations or large different series of wheels.

 MILIWAM is the right system for the best tactical wheels assembling, whatever the place, whatever the mission, whatever the vehicle.


- Respect of ISO 14001 Standard: Thanks to an exclusive lubrication system when using grease to contribute to minimize shimmy.
- Respect of ISO 45001 Standard: The specific conception of each step reduces dangerous physical efforts
- Productivity: Reduced assembly time, queue management, integration into vehicle assembly line.
 - Full assembling is possible by only one operator
- Fast maintenance: Compact version for mobile workshops or container units.


Other possible configurations

From the standard plant line version,
several configurations are possible:

> Option "QUALITYSENS" : The trolley distributing the segments of each insert is fitted by an automatic weight control, in order to avoid different weight of segments. This last control avoid all the risks of shimmy. This operation is impossible in case of rubber inserts.

> Compact Miliwam for workshops: Thanks to the conveyor length reducing, MILIWAM works in a minimum of place. One sole operator is necessary.

> Multi operators for large series: In case of large series, several operators can take position along the conveyor.

> Container mobile workshops: MILIWAM can be operated in a special dedicated container, fitted with all accessories for wheels maintenance.

 > Integration in external operations units: MILIWAM can be adapted in respect of the ARQUUS Customers MCO Standards.



Using MILIWAM, customers can assemble a large range of runflating systems:

> TIRES: 16.00R20, 14.00R20, 335/80 R20, 365/80 R20, 395/85 R20, 255/100 R16, 275/80 R20… (Other sizes in option) including special steel reinforced sidewalls tires (Varsaw standards).

> RUNFLATING INSERTS: All 2 or 3 blocks rigid professional inserts as Runflat International ® or similar.
 (For security reasons, system doesn't accept rubber monobloc or half-cutted inserts)

> RIMS: 2 blocks bolted Alu or Steel rims, 3 blocks wrapped Steel rims.

> ACCESSORIES: CTIS valves, TMPS units.


The MILIWAM team...

LANDSMARINE SYSTEMS is a brand owned by our family
company KOLEN & KOLEN Hong-Kong (kolen.hk).

Since more than ten years LANDSMARINE SYSTEMS is in charge of the business development of several companies with specific customers in France, Baltic, Eurasia and Emirates.

Concerned systems are drive lines for military vehicles and for new concepts of mass transports as trackless trains.
It includes all integrated services, from design & conception to maintenance and specific machine-tools manufacturing.

About MILIWAM, partners are ROTY France and AFU France (Machine design, manufacturing and after sale care for special machine tools).

In add, thanks to our position in Hong-Kong, we can offer our customers two range of services: Technical Audits Packages in South China (including end-of-line audits) and alternative rail transports by the new Silk Belt railways.



+ 33 6 86 69 97 31 ( 09:00h > 17:00  Zurich Time)