TACTICAL                   WHEELS

This is a good example of our expertise in the defence industry. Our mission is to develop the sales of the British company RFI in the market of large accounts.
It is a complete sport that goes beyond the simple sale of wheels: We bring our global knowledge of operations analysis, technology testing, and maintenance in operational condition.

We fit 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and multi-axles military and security vehicles.

The specific assets are: full off-road security for heavy vehicles in any conditions, easy maintenance, weight reduction and “intelligent” material to increase performances of runflating inserts in extreme conditions. Wheels are 100% customized. Despite current “doctrine” defining maximum load 8 tons by axle, we designed and manufactured rims ensuring 7,5 tons by wheel, meaning 15t by axle.

One doctrine, several concepts.

Thanks to RFI, Westley and Kolen global experience since more than 25 years in tactical wheels, we know how to optimize the Core of the system.

The frequent mistake, especially about low cost systems, is trying to create a tactical wheel joining several components manufactured by different suppliers without experience of using together during a long time, in order to decrease the costs. Creating a tactical wheel means not simply going to the market, and buying components seeming the best of the their category: Sometimes it’s an Alchemy.

Why ? Because the challenge consists in creating an harmonious use in extreme conditions, joining in one unique result all the characteristics of so different materials as natural or non-natural rubbers, plastics or composites, steel, aluminium… The best part, considered as one sole part, can works badly if associated with an another one without a rigorous and long experience.

For this reason we design and we calculate systematically together the runflating inserts (or the beadlocks) and the aluminium rims. The Right Good Definition is the core of the wheel. In case of steel rims for sensitive cost reason of for very large diameter, we assemble our inserts or our beadlocks only with the rims we experimented in real long time trials with our customers.

Second step is the choice of the tire and CTIS.  Only long experience and efficient databases are reliable to define exactly the right solution.

Seriously, no digital simulation can take in consideration together all gaps, rigidities, tensions, wear, heating, friction, when the vehicle is in motion, varying the G, pressures, twists...

 We can deliver separately parts or systems you are interested by, or we can deliver full complete assembled wheels. In this last case, we guarantee all the components and the performances.